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Oct 022012

Video about how to confront a controlling person:

Don't let your emotions get the best of you. The most intriguing question then, is that why do women slug it out in stifling relationships like these?

How to confront a controlling person

Pleas for help can easily go ignored for the behavior is deceptive. The answer, as expected, is not as easy.

How to confront a controlling person

How to confront a controlling person

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  1. If you feel that your safety, security dignity, self-worth, health or happiness are threatened, you need to seriously ask yourself if it's worth it. Even otherwise, it can be safely said that the children who witness abusive relationships from close quarters do suffer from its consequences in their adult life.

  2. When someone uses lying, exaggeration, manipulation, drama and tries to take away your freedom to choose, that is psychological pressure.

  3. The MBTI states that we have predominate functions and rely on other functions to a lesser degree. Do something about the problem for the safety and happiness of yourself and your children.

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