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Oct 022012

How to attract your soulmate deepak chopra

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I believe a soul mate is someone we feel a deep and profound connection to. One of the most common reasons is that after a few bad relationships some people unconsciously shut down and give up.

How to attract your soulmate deepak chopra

Consider the story of Jeff Tinley, who met his wife at their ten-year reunion and was so inspired by their reconnection that he founded Reunion. Well, he not only saw the whales, he ended up meeting his soulmate who just happened to be kayaking right next to him.

How to attract your soulmate deepak chopra

How to attract your soulmate deepak chopra

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  1. One woman, who was actually feeling quite depressed, had an impulse to go to an aquarium Yes, I do and I believe that with a little focused time and energy everyone can find theirs.

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