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Oct 022012

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Michaelangelo created some of the most haunting masterpieces in the history of art, yet here is an art that nourishes body and soul. This article originally appeared in our April issue. I think the results speak for themselves, don't you?

Homage to fromage

Cathy Power, an owner of the Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, offers a guide to presenting the perfect plate. Our cheese artists brought their creations into Guardian Towers like proud new parents and an appreciative throng gathered - attracted, perhaps, by the smell. A California brie, for instance, tastes different than one made in Virginia.

Homage to fromage

Homage to fromage

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  1. For our part, we're planning to eat our sculptures with biscuits and bread this afternoon as a celebration of our relaunched website.

  2. Troy advises one with high buttermilk and fat content, ideal for smooth lines and avoiding holes or voids.

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