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Oct 022012

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At home, in his workshop, he developed cabinet-making skills of a very high order, using native timbers. The bench tops have had the original laminex finish replaced to the present timber finish.


They had no children. A member of the Council of the University of Melbourne from , and deputy chancellor in , he was active on its building committee and was one of those responsible for the appointment of Sir John Medley as vice-chancellor in Poynter, Russell Grimwade Melb, , and for bibliography.



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  1. Should it become apparent during further inspection or the carrying out of works that original or previously hidden or inaccessible details of the place or object are revealed which relate to the significance of the place or object, then the exemption covering such works shall cease and Heritage Victoria shall be notified as soon as possible. From to he commanded 4th Division, Australian Military Forces.

  2. Grimwade papers Australian War Memorial private information. He believed in progress, in civilization as in science, and celebrated white exploration and settlement without much concern for antecedent cultures.

  3. Despite vicissitudes, war strengthened the Grimwade enterprises. The family's next venture, the establishment of the Australian Oxygen Co.

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