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Oct 022012

Video about gregarious etymology:

These interactions and socializing will help to develop emotional stability and flexibility for the span of the animal's life. Animal social behavior and organization is studied in comparative psychology, ethology, sociobiology, behavioral ecology and computer science. A harlot was once a boy, and a girl in Chaucer's day was any young person, whether male or female.

Gregarious etymology

Counterfeit once meant a legitimate copy. Manufacture, from the Latin root for hand, once signified something made by hand; it now means virtually the opposite.

Gregarious etymology

Gregarious etymology

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  1. Many animals are social to the extent that mothers and offspring bond, and males and females interact to mate, but the term "social animal" is usually only applied when there is a level of social organization that goes beyond this, with permanent groups of adults living together, and relationships between individuals that endure from one encounter to another.

  2. According to Mario Pei, more than half of all words adopted into English from Latin now have meanings quite different from the original ones. Social animal Social animals are those animals which interact highly with other animals, usually of their own species, to the point of having a recognizable and distinct society.

  3. Animal social behavior and organization is studied in comparative psychology, ethology, sociobiology, behavioral ecology and computer science. This drift of meaning, technically called catachresis, is as widespread as it is curious.

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