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Oct 022012

Good morning poems for your girlfriend

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Imagine what one good morning message can do to the one you love! Lady of the morning Take me into your warmth, Open your heart, legs and your lips Swallow my emotions of love into you. And when my eyes finally open The morning would have come as you.

Good morning poems for your girlfriend

You are such a beautiful story, A being I will regard as heavenly An angel-like heart with crystals of diamond on it. No matter the dew Your face is a memory that is never few As it digs into the lukewarm morning and tickles my fantasy. For a woman, poems are romance and beauty, and to give her a truly good morning beautiful poems are a great way to fill the start of her day with love for you!

Good morning poems for your girlfriend

Good morning poems for your girlfriend

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  1. But the peculiar thing is that these poems are romantic poems in which sometimes also praise him or her. I will always live with my heart playing your beat Singing notes of you, the one that makes me roar.

  2. This river lies on the bed we also lie Staining the sheet of how well we want to love. Pour your feelings out on paper, read it out, or text it to your loved one.

  3. I talk about each drop that wets my pillow The ones you never know Because mornings like this always bring you Closer and closer to drown with me In this stream of Joy Holding the rainbow of love— Colors of beauty,

  4. Follow Me into Beautiful Mornings Let this path travel with both our feet, Talking to the ground about planting our shadows Together— Let us love like how night and morning did Like how everything good loved and made you. Everyone greet each other with fantastic and amazing wishes to greet them in the morning.

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