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Oct 022012

Video about geocaching roanoke va:

Click here to find out when our next Geocaching program will be held as well as other educational events. What better way to break free from the doldrums of the season than to visit one of our great Virginia State Parks? The address is Twin Lakes Rd.

Geocaching roanoke va

Currently, there are more than one million active participants and approximately , caches hidden in more than countries. So go round up your family and friends, charge up your phone and start tracking down those coordinates.

Geocaching roanoke va

Geocaching roanoke va

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  1. With the aid of twenty-seven satellites overhead communicating with either a GPS handheld unit or a GPS-enabled smart phone , geocachers search for little plastic containers, known as geocaches or caches hidden in the woods. And remember that anyone can find a cache, so only hide appropriate items.

  2. Besides the adventure of just finding the caches, most will add to the fun by asking you to do something a little extra or give you a lesson about the area.

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