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Oct 022012

Video about gabrielle naked and afraid:

Luckily, Manu was treated and has no regrets. It is also worth noting that though contestants appear to be "alone," they're constantly being followed by producers and crew members.

Gabrielle naked and afraid

Discovery Channel By Gabrielle Bernardini 4 months ago The reality television show Naked and Afraid is the ultimate survival-of-the-fittest task. Gabrielle looks forward to a humbling experience and a hiatus from society in the African wilderness. Despite the variety of survival skills that Gabrielle possesses, she believes that her optimistic attitude and common sense will be her biggest assets on Naked and Afraid.

Gabrielle naked and afraid

Gabrielle naked and afraid

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  1. These days, when she's not studying, she enjoys hiking and camping with her own little boy. We also watch as the contestants are put in extreme situations and danger, without the producers or set crew intervening.

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