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Oct 022012

Video about fear factory singles:

Released in , Obsolete became the band's most successful album, peaking at number 77 on the Billboard and hitting the top 30 in several countries. Obsolete became the band's highest selling album, marking the band's first entry into the Top on the Billboard charts. The printed story parts link the lyrics of the songs together thematically.

Fear factory singles

Meanwhile, Ross Robinson obtained the rights to the recording, which he used to promote himself as a producer. The release was controversial because the album was issued because of the band's outstanding contractual obligation and without the approval of every band member.

Fear factory singles

Fear factory singles

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  1. The release was controversial because the album was issued because of the band's outstanding contractual obligation and without the approval of every band member. Listen to this record, and you'll know exactly where all these other bands came from.

  2. Just make it real cerebral. It took Cazares two weeks to get the appropriate guitar tone.

  3. Wolbers joined the band two weeks before they were scheduled to go on tour to promote the album and, although he contributed musical changes to a couple of songs on the album he stated that these were not significant.

  4. The album is also notable for Rhys Fulber's increased involvement with the band. Concrete has become an important album for fans of the early Fear Factory sound; it can be seen as a bridge between the band's sound on their demo recordings and their debut release, Soul of a New Machine, and a blueprint for later songs and B-sides.

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