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Oct 022012

Video about fake flight ticket for visa:

They provide confirmed flight tickets that are real and verifiable on airline website. Thus, as it wants to make sure they cope with the allowed number of days given by Schengen Visa.

Fake flight ticket for visa

Who wants to go through all that trouble? Though, they want you to provide the actual Flight Ticket once you get your visa approved. Feel free to check the PDF copies of two other flight reservations here and here.

Fake flight ticket for visa

Fake flight ticket for visa

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  1. This service is available to everyone around the world who needs to apply for a Schengen visa or any kind of visa.

  2. Instead, you should provide to the Embassy or Consulate only a Booked Round-Trip Flight Itinerary which shows dates of your leaving your country and the hosting Schengen country. You can email them at flights.

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