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Oct 022012

Video about edmonds to poulsbo:

There is nothing interesting in driving north to Edmonds. Departing ferries from Seattle beats Edmonds, hands down, in terms of views. We are proud to be members of Proliance Surgeons, an alliance of the highest quality ear, nose and throat, orthopedic and general surgery groups throughout Western Washington.

Edmonds to poulsbo

We feel that it is truly a privilege to be entrusted to take care of someone's child. Many of our patients are children. Our specialty group was established in Edmonds over 40 years ago.

Edmonds to poulsbo

Edmonds to poulsbo

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  1. Our Locations Our practice has convenient, comfortable locations for consultation and treatment in Edmonds and Mill Creek. The ferries are large, similar enough and frequent; even if you miss one, the next will be along in half an hour or so.

  2. We do not utilize other physician groups or non-medical doctors to handle our after-hour needs. Our physicians maintain privileges at the following area hospitals:

  3. Each of our physicians has passed the rigorous standards for board certification by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Depends on traffic, it's I-5 north, then westbound through traffic to the terminal.

  4. Unsure about your comment re: The drive from BI north is a good one, not slow, and much more scenic than taking I-5 north to Edmonds.

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