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Oct 022012

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The moment his talk was finished, I bought two of his books — it was that good. Here, the fabulist in him gets to work again. He takes this concept further to suggest that criminal action is mostly the result of processes outside of conscious control.

Eagleman incognito

Back to blameworthiness for those who carry out actions or have beliefs so far outside of the social norms that they need to be removed from society. The principle states that the answer to the free-will question simply does not matter.

Eagleman incognito

Eagleman incognito

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  1. He mentions work by Stephen LaConte in real time feedback for giving the frontal lobes practice in suppressing impulsive short-term circuits.

  2. Despite Eagleman's passionate advocacy, neuroscience cannot deliver that kind of certainty.

  3. Why can your foot move halfway to the brake pedal before you become consciously aware of danger ahead?

  4. Is our very essence the result of a vastly complex array of subconscious processes with us having the illusion of free will? The sources of human behavior are incredibly complex.

  5. To me this is the foundation of some of the most deep divisions in our world and perhaps the source of so many conflicts. Amygdala memories have a different quality to them:

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