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Oct 022012

Video about e harmony complaints:

These "matches" were also a great distance away from where I was located I live close to Raleigh, NC. My 'matches' were usually out of my age range by more than 10 years older or younger than me. Make sure you read all the details about cancellation before you subscribe, making note of the differences between Closing Account, Cancelling Subscription and cancelling Automatic Renewal.

E harmony complaints

You may continue to use your subscriber benefits for the length of your subscription term but you will not receive a refund for any unused days. I feel as though eHarmony is fraudulent and their advertisement and is misleading to their customers.

E harmony complaints

E harmony complaints

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  1. This process takes a lot longer than other dating sites, and for that reason, people who are looking for a quick referral and matching options will not be happy.

  2. The Dating Gurus will be watching to see if member complaints about confusing cancellation policies, mismatches, and unclear activity levels are addressed.

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