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Oct 022012

Video about drinking games to play with 3 people:

Same rules as when a player rolls a 1. Need to use the bathroom? When a ball lands in a cup, a member of the opposing team has to drink it.

Drinking games to play with 3 people

In some house rules, if the Three Man himself rolls a 1 and a 2, he gets to choose who becomes the next Three Man. Most Likely What you need: The last player to do so drinks Five and an Ace:

Drinking games to play with 3 people

Drinking games to play with 3 people

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  1. Whichever player gets the pile to equal exactly 99 assigns any other player to finish half a drink.

  2. If successful, the player makes another player drink and gets to take another turn variations include the player to the left of the shooter drinking.

  3. The more creative the rules, the better. This is a drinking game where players are encouraged to add their unique rules to the game.

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