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Oct 022012

Video about dragonmoon tea company:

Deciding to save the hot stuff for later, we started our lunch with the Iced Coconut Pouchong tea, which is absurdly delicious. Oh, boy, did we ever. They ran a Keystone Ski Deli in Colorado in the 70s and 80s, moved around a bit, and finally settled in Tulsa.

Dragonmoon tea company

A chocolate cookie crust, rich layers of spongy chocolate cake, creamy folds of Guinness Stout cheesecake, a layer of chocolate ganache and green Sixlets for garnish comes beautifully plated, just in time for St. Enjoy a glass over lunch, or brew a gallon at home for guests.

Dragonmoon tea company

Dragonmoon tea company

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  1. One of those people is Pastry Chef Zachariah Parker. What they and the people they work with manage to do for the people of this community in need of YWCA services all 25, of them, the number who participated in YWCA programs last year within the span of an average work day blows my mind.

  2. Give me bread pudding with texture and interest over the smooth, creamy kind any day. On the walls were two large pet portraits by local artist Matt Moffett.

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