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Oct 022012

Video about distinc tt app:

Find me on Instagram or Twitter kjerstieb. I turned to the Internet as a place to make friends that I had more in common with, and who I could share my experiences as a queer youth.

Distinc tt app

I also friended various other people, checked out their profiles, and sent a few messages to people I thought might be interesting to chat with. Find me on Instagram or Twitter kjerstieb.

Distinc tt app

Distinc tt app

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  1. All we could do was help Lucy disconnect kindly. Overall, the app is hard to navigate, and sort of difficult to use.

  2. The Internet has something for everybody — whether your interests are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the music of Tegan and Sara, gay girls, or all of the above. Overall, the app seems like an innocent effort to establish an easily accessible way for young queer people to communicate with one another and make friends and share interests.

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