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Oct 022012

Video about dirtyskype:

You just have to upload your audio file, they optimize it, you get notified when it's done, you download the edited file and it will sound much better. The "Ripple Delete" feature can save a lot of time.


Open your video file and click on "Customize It's an "Automatic audio post production web service for podcasts, broadcasters, radio shows, movies, screencasts and more". You can keep the default settings and apply the effect:



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Reader Comments

  1. Camtasia has some rudimentary animation capabilities as well. Whenever you cut out a piece of the video, you need to cut out the same piece on the audio track to make sure that audio and video always keep in sync.

  2. If you listen to a part where nobody is talking you should barely hear anything now. Giving the video the final touch After all the cutting work, removing of unneeded parts, adding transitions between hard cuts, etc.

  3. Audacity will remove the background noise. I just scratched the surface of what you can do to improve voice recordings in Audacity.

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