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Oct 022012

Video about dermals for guys:

Ordinary body piercings have entry and exit points for the jewelry, but, in a dermal piercing, the jewelry sits on the surface and is secured with an anchor that is embedded in the dermal layer underneath the flesh. Usually, a piercer will screw and unscrew the microdermal stud for you because it requires careful maneuvering. Locations where jewelry is most likely to be rejected include the sternum, anywhere on the face, the nape, and the throat area a.

Dermals for guys

However, even without this information you can use a salt solution as it is always very useful for cleaning and cleansing piercings. To make way for the jewelry, the piercer will pinch the skin and stick a needle through to create the passage way.

Dermals for guys

Dermals for guys

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  1. It is also safer than a needle because it has a protective mechanism that prevents the piercing from going too deep into the skin.

  2. In case you want to remove the piercing for the first time, you should let a professional do it to avoid subjecting it to unnecessary stress. Microdermal piercings are more commonly performed using a dermal punch because the punch is less painful.

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