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Oct 022012

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For example, Freud claimed that men who are prejudice against homosexuals are making a defense against their own homosexual feelings by adopting a harsh anti-homosexual attitude which helps convince them of their heterosexuality. Converting unconscious wishes or impulses that are perceived to be dangerous or unacceptable into their opposites; behaviour that is completely the opposite of what one really wants or feels; taking the opposite belief because the true belief causes anxiety.

Defense mechanisms sublimation

Sullivan documented that all sublimatory things are more complicated than the direct satisfaction of the needs to which they apply. A child may begin to suck their thumb again or wet the bed when they need to spend some time in the hospital. For example, if a wife is infatuated with a man who is not her husband, reaction formation may cause her to — rather than cheat — become obsessed with showing her husband signs of love and affection.

Defense mechanisms sublimation

Defense mechanisms sublimation

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  1. His daughter Anna developed these ideas and elaborated on them, adding ten of her own. Sexual sublimation[ edit ] Sexual sublimation, also known as sexual transmutation, is the act, especially among some religious traditions, to transform sexual impulses or "sexual energy" into creative energy.

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