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Oct 022012

Video about covetous sociopath:

If they are faced with persistent failure, beaten down in efforts to dominate and control others, or finding aspirations far outdistancing their luck, their feelings of frustration, resentment, and anger mount to a point where their controls give way to raw brutality or secretive acts of vengeful hostility. The Sociopath Next Door - Chapter 7 Next Martha Stout looks at the aetiology of sociopathy and studies of twins suggest that there are genetic factors. The air of superficial affability is extremely precarious, and they are ready to depreciate anyone whose attitudes touch a sensitive theme.

Covetous sociopath

This quality of sudden and irrational belligerence, as well as the frenzied lashing out, distinguishes these psychopathics from the other subtypes. Physical beauty is the trait that makes female sociopath so dangerous, as it disarm people.

Covetous sociopath

Covetous sociopath

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  1. Sociopaths make huge use of this reflex of ours to continue to exploit us. These experiences then become the object of self-conscious reflection, providing the psychopaths with a sense of deep satisfaction.

  2. Malicious tendencies are projected outward, precipitating frequent personal and family difficulties, as well as occasional legal entanglements. Does it vary at all?

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