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Oct 022012

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I ordered their 35 which came with an enchilada, chile relleno, chicken quesadilla, and rice and beans. Garcia's newest Chelino's, NW Expressway, is in the last building he worked in where he wasn't signing the checks, and it was one of the last Nino's Mexican Restaurants Nino Aita, who died in June at the age of 69, ever opened.

Chelinos near me

Among the desserts is a Mexican Apple Pie, which is a hardy slice of apple pie served on a sizzling comal with a scoop of Chelino's house-made ice cream. Garcia said if one of his children ever do the same for him, the dish would probably be the Burrito Norteno, which is a smothered burrito stuffed with grilled skirt steak.

Chelinos near me

Chelinos near me

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  1. They served warm tostadas, hot sauce--which was very good but not very spicy--and queso dip.

  2. Garcia pitched in to help cook one day when the kitchen was short-handed and pretty soon he was learning the whole menu and his dishwashing days were over. So I have to trust them.

  3. The taste was good but the skin of the relleno was a bit tough so I had to use a knife to cut it. As Nino's grew to five restaurants across Oklahoma City, Garcia made his way out of the kitchen and into management, first as assistant and eventually general manager of two stores including the one at NW Expressway.

  4. He taught me everything. I ordered their 35 which came with an enchilada, chile relleno, chicken quesadilla, and rice and beans.

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