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Oct 022012

Video about charm lab stanford:

Haptics, the sense of touch, is crucial for human exploration and manipulation of the world. Prostheses can also be considered a form of teleoperator. Haptics, the sense of touch, is crucial for human exploration and manipulation of the world.

Charm lab stanford

Based on the previous work of the DEFROST team, in particular its work on FEM based control of soft robots, I will be able to work on more sophisticated modeling and control for this haptic device than what has been used before for soft haptic devices, including the modeling and control I did for the 3D shape display. This means that there are new options available for control.

Charm lab stanford

Charm lab stanford

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Haptics, the justification of touch, is untrue for make exploration and manipulation of the passable. This involves both designing a new assembly and developing the sincere control algorithm for it.
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