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Oct 022012

Video about bon jovi brisbane:

However, by the time they reached the anthemic hit single 'Lanterns' the crowd were singing along by the final chorus and had warmed to the band just before they made their way off the stage. Jon Bon Jovi and his comrades unleashed an epic set list of more than 20 songs.

Bon jovi brisbane

With that, the Brisbane crowd melts off into the Thursday night, no doubt reminded that the alarm clock will be ringing on Friday morning - and no doubt inspired, like Tommy and Gina, to imagine the day when they can follow their dreams and stick it to The Man. After decades together, the old guard still love playing these songs, and it shows in every shared nod and smile. Birds Of Tokyo performed for the audience as most people made their way to their seats.

Bon jovi brisbane

Bon jovi brisbane

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  1. The frontman is, of course, backed by a strong engine room in original piston-armed drummer Tico Torres, and keyboardist David Bryan.

  2. The two Adelaide brothers appeared on the screen, wearing masks in the crowd as Jon dedicated the song to them acknowledging their bravery for standing up in court.

  3. The pop-rock band fit the night well, but didn't seem to get much of a reaction from the crowd, despite best efforts and a solid performance.

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