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Oct 022012

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For years afterward, Blackhawk Films released 79 of the 80 Roach talkies on 16 mm film. The shorts did well at the box office, and by the end of the decade the Our Gang children were pictured on numerous product endorsements.

Bill cosby little rascals

Users who use bots on this sub, especially for the sake of upvoting, downvoting, creating automated comments or posts, deceptively creating a false bias in favor of your position, or otherwise disrupting discussion of the Mandela Effect in general. Shield and Hatley's scores supported Our Gang's on-screen action regularly through , after which series entries with background scores became less frequent. In , Roach began production on The Boy Friends , a short-subject series which was essentially a teenaged version of Our Gang.

Bill cosby little rascals

Bill cosby little rascals

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  1. He signed on to release future products through the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , which released its first Our Gang comedy in September

  2. This led to rumors that there was a curse on the child actors of Our Gang comedy shorts but that theory was later debunked. Many also appeared in a group cameo appearance in the all-star comedy short The Stolen Jools

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