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Oct 022012

Video about bay area lesbians:

Boys are certainly welcome to join as long as they're respectful and bring along their best dance moves! Ships provides a fun, accessible space for queers, women, trans people, and people of color.

Bay area lesbians

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Bay area lesbians

Bay area lesbians

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Reader Comments

  1. This queer event always has great DJ sets and a mix of all genders and personalities. It's a party where you're encouraged to be uniquely you, so get out there and dance your heart out.

  2. This party is a declared safe space for queers of all genders. With weekly and monthly events, there's always something or someone, if you get my drift to do.

  3. Want to keep in the know? You'll be sure to find some fashion-forward, booty-shakin' queers at these parties.

  4. The New Parish has a huge patio right between the two stages so there's plenty of room to dance and chill. Bring all your babes and buddies for cheap drinks, tunes, and some flirty fun.

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