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Oct 022012

Video about badass drawings of skulls:

Autumn is death The colors used for this tattoo, as well as the withered leaf make me think of autumn. Girlie pin-up skull Pin-up skull tattoos are easy to identify mostly because of their hairdo. That crazy skull tattoo was displayed in tattoo art fest

Badass drawings of skulls

Even so, that skull looks playful and somehow happy to be there. That crazy skull tattoo was displayed in tattoo art fest

Badass drawings of skulls

Badass drawings of skulls

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Reader Comments

  1. Alien mode on skull tattoos The blue light coming out of this apparently frowned skull makes me think of aliens.

  2. What can I say, some people have better denture in the afterlife! For some skull emerge as hardened and unafraid attitude bringer, so they grab skull tattoos designs on their backs.

  3. The differences lay in positioning and patterns. The job itself was nicely done since it has received an award!

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