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Oct 022012

Video about asphyxiophilia:

However, differentiation between accidental death and suicide often in cases of suspicion of autoerotic asphyxia becomes difficult due to the unusual methods used by victims [ 15 ]. If you or someone you know is partaking in this sexual play it is highly recommended that one stops performing this act.


The authors observed that in one case there was additional evidence at the scene that the deceased had inhaled ether. It has also been mentioned specifically in a number of works of fiction.



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  1. The corpse was found by the neighbors near the table in the cellar. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

  2. The subject was close to his family and did not show homosexual tendencies, and the literature does state that such practices are often enacted by largely heterosexual individuals who lead normal lives.

  3. Autoerotic fatality Deaths often occur when the loss of consciousness caused by partial asphyxia leads to loss of control over the means of strangulation, resulting in continued asphyxia and death. The consequences may be deadly.

  4. In addition, the current case presents with original features compared with previous case reports since the victim was found wearing pantyhose on the legs, and this feature could be interpreted as a fetishistic behavior based on cross-dressing.

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