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Oct 022012

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The act, along with the economic prosperity of the s , contributed to rising black wages, increased education for blacks, and increased returns to education. Audits have been used to study and find wage inequality in the past and could be used as way to actively monitor the presence of the racial wage gap in companies. When Coleman controlled for human capital, such as education and skills, the difference decreased to 11 percent.

Asian male latina

Coleman attributed this 11 percent difference to racial discrimination. Thus, 25 percent of the wage gap was unaccounted for by their model. The disparity in wealth between Black and White America has a history as long as the relationship between the two groups.

Asian male latina

Asian male latina

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  1. White and Asian women are more likely to work in managerial and professional occupations, while black, Hispanic, and American Indian Women are more likely to work in service occupations.

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