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Oct 022012

Video about asian caning:

The film is about a father, who is also the discipline master at his son's school, having to uphold his own principles and punish his rebellious son for breaking the school rules. The term "caning" is often used informally, while the phrases "strokes of the cane" and "strokes of the rotan" are used interchangeably.

Asian caning

No alcohol and women — apart from those two things, prison is really not that bad. Based on first-hand accounts, the student typically feels moderate to acute pain for the first few minutes, depending on the number of strokes. There may be intermediate levels between a "class caning" and a "public caning".

Asian caning

Asian caning

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  1. This faithfully reproduced the procedure used in real life at the school where the scene was filmed, Presbyterian High School. He said, "After he knows what it's like, he will have nothing left to fear.

  2. He has a special protective "shield" tied around his lower body to cover the lower back and upper thighs while leaving the buttocks exposed. The offender is tied to the trestle in a bent-over position with his feet together.

  3. The most commonly used implement is a thin rattan cane with a plastic cover shaped like a hook serving as a handle on one end. A Superintendent of Prisons may impose corporal punishment not exceeding 12 strokes of the cane for aggravated prison offences.

  4. Caning is a severe punishment, and it is always combined with jail as the offences tend to be serious and to make it easier, administratively, to arrange for the caning to take place.

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