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Oct 022012

Video about apache maven dependency:

Maven compared with Ant[ edit ] The fundamental difference between Maven and Ant is that Maven's design regards all projects as having a certain structure and a set of supported task work-flows e. Maven will automatically download the dependency and the dependencies that Hibernate itself needs called transitive dependencies and store them in the user's local repository. In Ant, projects do not really exist from the tool's technical perspective.

Apache maven dependency

Maven's dependency-handling mechanism is organized around a coordinate system identifying individual artifacts such as software libraries or modules. Projects developed on a single machine can depend on each other through the local repository.

Apache maven dependency

Apache maven dependency

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  1. However, it would be cumbersome if the archetypical build sequence of building, testing and packaging a software project required running each respective goal manually:

  2. For example, by default, the goal "compiler: In Ant, projects do not really exist from the tool's technical perspective.

  3. There are search engines such as The Central Repository Search Engine [15] which can be used to find out coordinates for different open-source libraries and frameworks.

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