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Oct 022012

Video about anchorman drinking games:

Drink anytime Ron's dog speaks. The team that comes last is the loser and drinks all the contents of the pitcher. Take a drink when Will Ferrell's team poses together in the movie or when anyone mentions reports about "news.

Anchorman drinking games

A drink is the equivalent of one shot or one sip of a beer or mixed drink. When the lips come off the pitcher is passed to the next team player The anchorman has 2 minutes to finish the remaining beer in the Pitcher The anchor can remove his lips through the final 2 minutes of drinking Careful not to drink the quarters!

Anchorman drinking games

Anchorman drinking games

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  1. To play the "Anchorman" Drinking Game, you will need: Once the pitcher is finished — Play again!!!

  2. That penalty can be determined by the group, but two common penalties are drinking two drinks or chugging the rest of your drink left in your glass.

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