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Oct 022012

Video about advantages of arranged marriages:

Cultural arranged marriage statistics also indicate matchmakers or parents tend to unite eligible men and women with similar educational, religious or socioeconomic backgrounds. Arranged marriages are highly traditional and renowned.

Advantages of arranged marriages

However, arranged marriage is not all negative. This, in turn, can lead to unhappiness and misery and may even pave the way to anxiety and depression. Families tend to pick spouses based on shared values.

Advantages of arranged marriages

Advantages of arranged marriages

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  1. According to arranged marriage statistics, aside from reproduction, one of the greatest advantages of contractual wedlock is the perpetuation of a set of religious beliefs or dogmas relevant to a particular clan, caste, or tribe.

  2. The divorce was straightforward. Generations ago, brides and grooms would be arranged to be married by their families with little or no say.

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