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Oct 022012

Video about abb pics:

The only way you can convey muscular definition is with shadows and to get shadows requires light from above. In this photo my bicep looks twice the size of my head — I wish!

Abb pics

Apparently there's a new " AbCrack body trend"? Now we are going to take your current state and show it off to its best advantage. Tape your smart phone to the mirror and either set the self timer or take video.

Abb pics

Abb pics

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Reader Comments

  1. Start by looking on the internet for poses you think look good and try to do them yourself. Young people are brainwashed into thinking the perfect body is attainable.

  2. Otherwise, read this article and find out how to make yourself look HOT! Absolutely essential is that either have a self timer or the ability to take video.

  3. The image should have been darker, the culprit is the bright light coming from the window behind me.

  4. Do not take your photos, pack up, get dressed, and go home because that first round of photos sucked — I guarantee you. The image should have been darker, the culprit is the bright light coming from the window behind me.

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