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Oct 022012

Video about a chemist:

Tasks include the assembling and analysis of data based on computer models. A chemistry graduate can get a job as a research assistant in a chemistry lab, or continue on with their education by getting a master's or doctorate degree.

A chemist

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A chemist

A chemist

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  1. There are several branches of chemistry in which you can choose to specialize, including analytical, organic, inorganic, medicinal, physical, theoretical and materials chemistry.

  2. They must also use basic principles specific to their field. A chemist will focus on materials and processes, testing theories, analyzing substances, and measuring the physical properties of substances.

  3. Present and Future Chemistry has been around as a learned discipline since people started to rely on the medicinal value of herbs and plants.

  4. Paying Your Dues About colleges offer undergraduate degrees in chemistry, and offer graduate degrees. However, if you would like to become a researcher, you will most likely need a Ph.

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