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Oct 022012

Video about 20 most romantic movies:

The titular Canadian slacker literally fights off the past lovers of new beau Ramona Flowers, facing her seven evil exes in Street Fighter-inspired brawls where the ultimate special moves are the powers of love and self-respect. Written by the cast with their director, it feels like it emerged organically instead of being forced into existence. Beyond the jazz-splaining is a charming, toe-tapping and yes, swooningly romantic musical — just beware its heart-shattering encore.

20 most romantic movies

If you have any questions about the content of this Policy, please contact us at our privacy preferences page: Four Weddings and a Funeral delivers on the bittersweet promise of its title, balancing foul-mouthed dialogue with chocolate box London locales, all topped off with a rain-soaked feel-good finale. When he told Madeleine Stowe's Cora, "Stay alive—no matter what occurs, I will find you" we never had a moment's doubt he'd keep his word.

20 most romantic movies

20 most romantic movies

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  1. As you wish "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" In this brilliantly quirky movie about whether love is worth the pain it causes, there are no passionate kisses in the rain or flowery monologues, just Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey acknowledging that they will eventually get annoyed and bored with each other, but then saying one simple word: Sleepless in Seattle These days far-flung romances between people who have never met result in dramatic Catfish confrontations on MTV.

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